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Want to Know More About Avon?


I LOVE the  greatest advantage of being an Avon eRepresentative where I can service Avon customers all over the U.S. My boundaries are limitless within the country…opening up my business to many customers. Even when I am not working on my Avon business, my personal Avon website is open for business 24/7.

I personally took the right steps to promote my Avon website, and I am seeing an increase in website visitors and an increase in my online Avon sales as well!

When you are an Avon Representative you can make money in three different ways. You can sell the Avon products wherein you’ll earn commissions from your sales.

Another method is: online selling of Avon products and you can do this by folks visiting your Avon website.

Third … become a leader and recruit other folks to begin their Avon business.

As an Avon sales representative you can earn – = 50% commission on your Avon orders based on their size.

20% is earned on fixed earning products (products in the Avon catalog with four diamond in front of its description).

I personally enjoy selling and recruiting online through blogging. If you like to write and are creative you will be successful in this way of being a representative/recruiter.

Many visits are made to my website, and my personal Avon eStore.

If you would like to learn more, please email me at: OR just go to and complete the sign up form.

Be sure to use Reference Code: mariepaterik.

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CURRENT BROCHURES . . .Take a Look!!


Take a moment to browse through our Current Campaign 8 Brochures online and then place your order via your computer.  Avon ships your order directly to your home within several days. HAPPY SHOPPING!

The date this campaign is effective is from: March 26th – April 23rd.