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Our Products & The Benefits


This afternoon I want to talk about some of our top Avon products and the benefits. Are you dealing with dry skin?  Then think:  SSS — Skin So Soft!  This line is GREAT for all types of skin problems, especially dry skin.

The Skin So Soft product lineup, which includes formulations for dry, aging, or blemished skin, has grown from a small collection to a complete skin care system since the product was introduced in 1961. This product line is manufactured and distributed by the globally-recognized skin care company Avon, which has been selling its products through third-party distributers since the company was founded in 1886 by David McConnell. Today, Skin So Soft products are available through company representatives and the Avon website, where it is one of the most popular and well-known products that Avon produces. If you have not used the company’s products in the past, you may be surprised to know that you can create a skin care kit from this lineup in order to treat a number of skin issues. Skin So Soft is available worldwide, and U.S. customers can take advantage of free shipping when they make a purchase of $20 or more.

Sometime back I was bitten by a spider…a black spider.  Avon Skin So Soft helped with the extreme itching due to that nasty black spider!  Fortunately, the bite is healed now. 


1. It conditions and softens your skin

2. It kills spiders

3. It cleans your car inside and helps prevent console and dashboard cracking

4. It’s an excellent insect repellent while outdoors

5. It softens nail cuticles

6. It helps with itching due to insect bites

7. It helps soothe sunburn

8. It helps with removal of head lice

9. It removes glue from price tags

10. It helps keep brass from turning dark

11. It removes lipstick stains from clothing

12. It removes Ring Around The Collar

13. It removes scuff marks on floors

14. It’s an excellent furniture polish

15. It helps remove tree sap

16. It helps with dry skin on most animals

17. It helps with removing fleas on most animals

18. It’s great for cleaning windows

19. It’s a good fabric softener when doing laundry – 1 cap full

20. It’s great for cleaning paint brushes

21. It’s excellent for cleaning leather

22. It helps remove ink

23. It kills ants instantly

24. It helps remove chewing gum

25. It helps with cleaning kitchen counters and stove tops

TO SHOP FOR SSS … visit my site: …. You will be happy you did!!



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