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I Have Something To Share . . . Listen Up!!

While I was out recruiting yesterday, a person asked:  “Why do you work for Avon?” And I responded: “So Glad you asked!”

It was my wonderful husband who first decided that “WE SHOULD SELL AVON!”  “What, are you crazy?”  Well, Avon knocked on our door and when I make a commitment I go all the way.  I didn’t see the benefits right away, but now I do.

I went into it for the money, Avon’s good name, the low cost start-up fee, set our own hours, travel when we want, enjoy having an office WITHOUT a boss!  So, the two of us were encouraged to get into the Leadership end of Avon and become recruiters/representatives … and we have not looked back since that first day.

We are retired and our church pensions from our church pastorates just did not give us enough money to make ends meet. We chose not to live from paycheck to paycheck. And we’re not!  Avon gives us the funds to do what we need to do, pay the bills on time, and enjoy our retirement life. I just wish that we had started this business when we were first married, so it would not have been such a hassle for raising our son Andrew.  We struggled to stay at home with our child, and we did that, but money was tight.

If you are a mom searching for something to do from home, the benefits are GREAT for you:

— Time with your family;

— Time for yourself;

— NO boss;

— Make great money for the things you need;

— Control over your schedule;

— You will make a difference!

THINK ABOUT IT … and thank you for reading this blog today!

If you would like more information, please email me at: — or if you are interested in coming into Avon just click on the highlighted link: and use the Reference Code: Marie Paterik.




My husband and I are retired pastors. We LOVE what we do in ministering to others who have experienced child loss. It is hard work, but very rewarding. We love people and love to help them make a better life for them and their families.