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How to Live The Boss Life Part 1

Earning extra money, making your own hours, and working from home doing something you love—it all sounds like a dream! But it also seems kind of scary, right? Whether it’s leaving a comfy day job or starting your own side gig, the thought of taking a chance on yourself can be daunting. Yet, as these three women prove, it can be done—and it can pay off big time.Three top women were asked to share why they took the entrepreneurial plunge, their secrets for success, and of course, how they look so good while doing it all.“Why I became my own boss: “I started my business seven years ago, which is so crazy to think about. At the time, it wasn’t a business at all—more of a fun little passion project. But with time, the site grew and grew, and I was stretched too thin. It was either work for someone else or take a chance on myself. I decided to take the riskier move. So, a little over a year ago, I left my day job to work for myself.”

Favorite thing about working for myself:  “I love the flexibility. I have to work really, really hard—probably harder than if I just had a nine to five—but I can control the pace. I’m a night owl, so I love being able to work late and then not feel so bad about sleeping until 9:30 in the morning. I also really love working from home, especially as it gets colder.”

The hardest thing about it: “Taxes and all the unglamorous stuff like internet hosting and back-end site problems. But mostly, taxes!”

Best business tip:  “Don’t feel bad saying no. You’ll make time to actually work, and also to say yes to projects and things you genuinely care about. When you are just starting out, networking is super important—and it always will be—but you have to protect your time. Most meetings can be phone calls, many phone calls can be emails.”

Beauty secret:   “Always, always use eye cream. I put it on morning, night, and sometimes mid-afternoon. It keeps you young!”

My business:  I’ve been an Avon Representative for 8 and a half years!”

Why I became my own boss:  “I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When my third child turned one, I decided that it was time to find a way to earn extra money without leaving my family every evening and arriving home late. I had missed so much with my first two and couldn’t see myself doing that again.”

Favorite thing about working for myself:  “I love the flexibility of making my own hours and my income goals.”

The hardest thing about it:  “The hardest thing is realizing that, even though I have a full time job, I need to give my business the same, if not more, time and effort, because I’m working for myself. I have to make sure that I’m working as hard for me as I do for others, because my family and I are worth it.”

Best business tip:  Stay organized and always follow up. Customers always appreciate when you pay attention to the small details and do something to acknowledge them and their preferences.”

Beauty secret:  “Make your look your own—and then own it. As a mom, I know my daughters are watching me, so it’s important to me to show them that I don’t need a lot to highlight my beauty. It’s not about the makeup, it’s about how you wear it.”



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