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MAKEUP … When To Toss It!


I trust this is valuable information . . . I know it it a great reminder for me!

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Summertime Means Bugs!

OUR BUG GUARD SALE . . . Coming in Avon’s Campaign 11!!  Get ready!!



Summertime means bugs. Let’s get you set up with some Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus!

I know your family swims a lot. Our Bug Guard Plus lotions are water resistant and 30 SPF. And this is great – they go on blue, but dry clear, so you can make sure you don’t miss a spot!

Whatever you’re doing this summer – camping, biking, getting together for a cookout – the bugs are watching and waiting! Let me help you keep them away.

I know you’ve heard of the Zika virus. Did you know our Bug Guard Plus Lotions repel the mosquitos that carry that virus?


DEET-free, safe for the whole family


Repel mosquitos, deer tickets, no-seeums, sand flies and more

Different formulas for different needs

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Something To Think About . . . Please Read!

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