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SKIN CARE IS SO IMPORTANT!                                                                                                         Our skin is the largest organ of our body that covers us from our heads to our toes.  Just like any other organ in our bodies, if we take of it, we will look and feel great. Did you know that your skin contains 3 distinct layers that are effect by aging and environmental damaging:

Epidermis: The outer layer of your skin where signs of aging appear.

Dermis: The middle layer of your skin that produces collagen & elastin.

Hypodermis: The inner layer of your skin that contains subcultaneous fat, blood vessels and nerves. The depth of this varies from person to person.

My mother always taught me how important it is to take care of my skin, and she said:      “it doesn’t matter how old you are.” The sooner we begin taking care of our skin, the healthier it will be as we age.

KNOWING OUR SKIN TYPE:  SO …. do you know what type of skin your have?  As an Avon Rep. I can guarantee having this knowledge will help you understand how your skin works so you know what to look for when you are looking for skincare products. Listed are some skin type common concerns:


Clear Appearance

Even Coloring

Neither tight nor greasy

Soft and supple, high degree of elasticity


Dryness on cheeks & a shiny appearance on “T-zone” (nose & forehead)

Medium sized pores

May experience some tightness


Irritated & tight after cleansing

Often looks flaky

Tendency of fine lines & wrinkles


Shiny appearance & enlarged pores

Rough or irregular feel

Prone to blackhead & blemishes

Though our skin starts aging the moment we are born, signs of aging normally don’t begin to show until we’re about 30 years old. We can’t stop our skin from aging, but what we can do is be aware of the environmental effects we can expose our skin to that will damage our skin, making it look older then it is.

THE SUN:  Exposure to the sun dries our skin, thickens the epidermis layer of our skin and slows down the cell renewal process which leads to fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. That is why it is so important to put sunscreen on whenever your skin is exposed to the sun.

DO YOU SMOKE? When smoking cigarettes, you are depriving your skin of nutrients and the oxygen it needs.This will cause your skin looking dull and lifeless. STRESS/LACK OF SLEEP: Making sure you get enough sleep will help give your skin time to rejuvenate and repair. When we’re under a great deal of  stress and/or lack of sleep, this can cause skin dryness, sensitivity, acne, excel oil or lackluster skin.

POLLUTION: Just like any other organ in your body, pollutants in the air can damage your skin due to the free radicals that can break down skin’s structure and block pores. This can lead to wrinkles, skin roughness, dehydration & loss of elasticity.

FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: Did you know that the average person makes 15,000 facial expressions?  With the constant movement of facial muscles, such as smiling, frowning or squinting, skin fibers begin to slacken & over time these create wrinkles.

YOUR DIET: Everyone knows how fast food, sugar and empty calories are not good for our health. They also are not good for our skin.The healthier, nutrient dense our diet is, the healthier our skin will be. Making sure we are drinking enough water also helps keep our skin’s healthy glow & helps manage a clearer complexion.

SLEEP POSITIONS: We talked about getting enough sleep, but did you know that the way you sleep can increase the appearance of wrinkles? Sleeping on your side can cause lines on your chin & cheeks and sleeping face down can create lines on your forhead. The best way to prevent lines & wrinkles is to sleep on your back.


Just like with your health, it is important to take care of your skin on a regular basis. Doing a daily skincare routine — morning and night helps to minimize signs of aging and keeping your skin healthy. With Anew, its a simple 4 step routine you do in the morning and at night.


When I was in my teenage years, I had to learn to clean my fave everyday and night. However, I wasn’t always using the proper cleanser. I had to learn how to eliminate excess oil, debris and makeup while refreshing my skin. How I wish that I had known about ANEW CLEAN!!

ANEW CLEAN is Avon Anew’s new line of cleansers that work perfectly with the rest of the Anew skincare brand.  CLEAR SKIN line is a cleanser that targets specific acne concerns.  You can find all of Avon’s cleanser at

TREAT:  The Anew Clinical are treatment products that are designed to target specific skincare concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, sagging skin, uneven skin tone and more. Anew Clinical has scientific formulas that target these skincare concerns that will have you feeling more confident with your skin.

MOISTURIZE  Moisturizing your face and neck on a daily basis is very important, no matter what age you are. By applying a day moisturizer with an SPF, you will keep your skin hydrated and protected from sun damage (one of the sins mentioned above). In using a night moisturizer, you will be helping your skin repair and rejuvenate, keeping your skin looking younger and healthier.



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