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Are You Still In College?

Are you still in college?  First or second year?  Are you wondering where you can earn while you’re in college?

Why not think about Avon and being a representative/sale recruiter?  If you begin earning great profits while in school, just think how farther ahead you will be in your life when you graduate. You’ll have enough money to go further in supporting yourself in grad school, or if you decide to marry and begin a family you’ll have money to take care of the all the things you’ll need.

When you begin your own business, you will need some funds to run that business and to keep it running. So develop a good business plan and you’ll enjoy being your own boss, always having money in your pocket, and being nicely independent.

My husband and I are enjoying our business and being able to do all the things we wish to do and to have. For more information, email me at: and we’ll tell you more!



My husband and I are retired pastors. We LOVE what we do in ministering to others who have experienced child loss. It is hard work, but very rewarding. We love people and love to help them make a better life for them and their families.