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A Day In the Life Of An Avon Rep . . .



WOW!  What a fantastic day I have had. EXHAUSTING yes! 

As I left our home this morning driving through the complex parking lot I stopped to say “Hello” to the lead groundsman. He asked: “Are you headed out to do Avon?”  I replied: “Yes sir!”  As I was talking to him … put a brochure in the palm of his hand, and he smiled and said: “Thanks, my wife will let me in the door for dinner tonight!”

Had to stop at Walgreens, and of course, I had to talk with the gal in the pharmacy!

Did I have an Avon Brochure with me … you bet I did!  I gave her one as her gift for the day!  She smiled  and said: “AVON, I haven’t seen a catalog for a long time!”  Couldn’t talk with her too long, because she was working. But, I got follow up info from her.

My next stop was Walmart. I LOVE this place. Hung AVON Brochure on the back window of my SUV and guess what?  All but one had been taken! YEAH!!!!

ORDERS PLEASE … I’m waiting!

My next activity was driving for about 3 hours for Uber. Do I have AVON Brochures in my car?  You bet I do!! I make it a rule for myself not to discuss Avon UNLESS the rider inquires about it. I don’t feel it is right to mix the two. My first rider (a guy) said nothing, but I noticed when I checked over the back seat that he had been looking at the brochure. I just chuckled to myself.

My second rider (a male college student) sat in the front seat and noticed the brochure in the side pocket of the passenger door. He began to get it out and said: “Is this catalog for all riders?”  I said, “Yes”.  He replied: “Ok, I take it and look at it and then give it to my girl friend.”  That was all that was said.

My third rider, (a girl from the university) … good things come in 3’s noticed the brochure in the side pocket of the passenger seat and said, “OOOH! Avon. Are you selling Avon?  I said, “yes”.  And thus began our conversation!!  She ended up giving me her personal information and took the AVON brochure when she left the car. I’ll follow up with her phone # and name.

My next riders were 3 business men headed for Nashville International Airport and were all business, discussing their business among themselves. NO AVON discussion! 

When I arrived home, I decided to do some marketing online on my laptop, while my husband Roy prepared dinner. Roy is the cook … LOVES to cook and prepare meals. I was able to respond to emails from folks sending me Avon orders and inquiring about products. DINNER WAS GREAT!  Steak and shrimp!!! 

This is what a day in the life of an Avon Rep can be like.




My husband and I are retired pastors. We LOVE what we do in ministering to others who have experienced child loss. It is hard work, but very rewarding. We love people and love to help them make a better life for them and their families.