I AM A PERSON WHO LOVES WATCHES . . .for years I have bought various watches … some expensive, and some inexpensive watches. When my husband and I were packing up the house in Illinois to retire to Tennessee, our son and only child was helping pack up my bedroom and he came upon my MANY styled watches. He said: “Mom, you could open up a watch store!”  We laughed as he counted them “1,2,3………31” watches. Since then, my husband and I have downsized and one of the things to part with were …. you guessed it,…some of my watches. That was difficult.

As an Avon Representative I get to buy more watches …. and my husband has to watch me carefully. However, I DO recommend many of the Avon watches … they are reasonably priced, and they last very well. The watches below are wonderful and very comfortable to wear. I have the purple and the blue.  On the next several of my posts, I will share about other watches that you might like to buy.

My Avon Website:  https://youravon.com/mariepaterik


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