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AVON . . . has really changed since our grandmothers, and mothers sold and bought Avon!  Today Avon reps do still service customers by delivering to their homes, but many folks with the technology today just receive orders online through our E-Stores which are all set up for us with Avon. I have many online customers from all over the country, and even visit with folks from across the ocean who check in on my blogs to see what Avon has to offer.  Unfortunately, I am unable to sell to them. But Avon is in many of their countries now.

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College Students . . . Welcome

Hey! Have you thought about a great investment business idea in Avon to begin while you’re in college?  Now is the time to think about starting your own business, where you will make $1000.00 in the first 90 days. Want more information?  Email me:

Avon has been in business for 130 years and our brand is very well known. Many people are searching to buy our products.


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GREAT Styles In Fashion . . .

Many folks are very surprised to know that Avon has all types of women’s clothing , shoes and sandals. The sizes are true to size. In the shoes there are no half sizes, and I was concerned about this, but find when I order the next size up they work fine. Shop my E-Store:

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